"Allan is a truly caring professional who speaks from the heart. His messages are not only inspiring and motivating, but they are packed with wisdom and lessons that help his listeners gain the tools they need to change their current situation and achieve future aspirations. No matter what is leaving you feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, Allan can teach you how to transform your grief into empowering growth."

"Allan McDougall's words will empower you to overcome your challenges and embrace the possibilities of life!"

"Once in a while you meet someone who leaves an impression on your heart, and you become a better person for having known them. Allan became my mentor and life coach, after being his student in The Leadership Development Program. The compassion he shows towards people is heart warming and his dedication to helping people is an inspiration to me. The 4 years I spent under his wing, has given me my own set of wings to fly. Thank You."

"Quiet power. Transformational wisdom. Authentic presence. A life-changing message. If these are the qualities you are looking for in a truly motivational speaker, book Allan McDougall. If ever there was a speaker who walks his talk and speaks from the heart, it’s Allan. After hearing him speak, you’ll never be the same. Thank you, Allan. The world is a better, richer place for the lessons you so willingly share in everything you say and do."

"It has been my privilege to hear Allan speak on numerous occasions and his messages have always touched me in profound ways. His bright style is caring, clear, and concise. His charisma brings impactful results to his audiences. Allan's authenticity makes him a real "jewel" as a speaker."

"After almost two decades of knowing and working with Allan McDougall, I am pleased to write this testimonial on his behalf. Allan's rise to prominence in the areas of facilitation, seminar creation and implementation, has been nothing less than spectacular. I have seen Allan, in a relatively short time, formulate and carry out a plan to transform his life. This progress has moved him into positions of leadership, and I think that his extraordinary discipline and commitment will continue to serve him well in his future endeavours."

"Allan speaks with passion and power coming from a deep reservoir of personal and professional experience. An inspiring and entertaining visionary, Allan presents a timely message that activates change. Your life won’t be the same after you hear Allan speak!"

"Allan McDougall is a true inspirational speaker. He tells his story with humour, flair and sincerity, conveying a message of hope that is thought provoking and heart felt. I was moved by his honesty."

"Allan McDougall delivers much more than speeches. He provides you incredible life changing gifts. Through his incredible life story and the wisdom he has gained, he provides not only the inspiration but the tools required to implement effective change. Allan has a unique ability to connect with an audience in such a way that regardless of how many people are there or where you are seated, the distance between you and him disappears and you feel as if you are face to face with a trusted friend, teacher, father or brother. His thought provoking style is stimulating, immediate and effective. You leave an experience with Allan with the seeds of change already germinating in your mind."

"Allan McDougall spent over ten years coaching, mentoring, counseling and educating our staff and membership on substance abuse and personal addiction. He shared their confidence and problems in a personal and meaningful way. His direct intervention saved the lives and careers of many people and their families who I know are forever indebted. His professional and personal assistance to me on a wide range of issues was invaluable."

"I had the honor of meeting Mr. McDougall recently and just started reading his book. I love it so far. His sense of humor throughout keeps me reading. Can't wait to get back to it."