Praise for the Book

"Breaking Through draws you into a bizarre world that keeps you rooting for the narrator to survive and thrive. Allan's forwardness, intimacy and lack of pretense gives it a veracity that is genuine."

"Mr. McDougall brought me along on an inspirational and captivating journey leading from the overwhelming depths of his despair to the soaring heights of both his personal and professional achievement. The book teaches a great deal about alcoholism and Mr. McDougall writes so courageously and powerfully about the almost insurmountable 18" journey from his head to his heart."

"An amazing thing happened son John picked your book from my table this morning and started to read it. Asked if he could take it home......has been reading it all day. He never reads books, except for work. It's amazing. He said "he couldn't put it down". What a miracle!"

"I say this not because you are my friend, although I certainly consider you to be, but your book is absolutely phenomenal. I suspect that it's impact on me is magnified also because I didn't know you during those days, nor would I ever have dreamed that was the route you traveled to get where you are. In short, it's outstanding and difficult to put down. And not only the story itself, but the manner in which it is told."

"What a story! Its main quality from my perspective is how visual it is. I was transported into your childhood and your hometown like I had lived there before. It is also very dynamic, never boring and not tragic despite the hurtful experiences. There always was a need to turn the page, much like an epic."